12 gauge Bullet Casing with Dove
12 gauge Bullet Casing with Dove
12 gauge Bullet Casing with Dove

12 gauge Bullet Casing with Dove

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Caliber: 12 gauge shot gun shell 

Length of chain: approximately 18.5-19" depending on caliber and diameter of casing

Charm: pewter dove with peace sign

Closure: Lobster clasp

Chain: silver platted 

~ if there is something you would like to change about this necklace please leave a note in the customization box.

*P.S.- The caliber of the casings are arranged in the smallest to largest caliber, not diameter of the casing. Please view the picture with them aligned to show size differences.

*P.S. again- Please be aware that we do our best to capture the brightest truest color of every item. However, there still may be some discrepancies between monitors and cameras.

*P.S. again, again- the words and letters on the casings are from the manufacture of the bullet and denote the caliber and manufacture of the bullet. Some scratches and dings may appear on the casing, but that is because it is a real casing fired from a real gun. Not some fake crap from China!

A portion of every sale is donated to the MC1 foundation. An organization that helps  wounded law enforcement officers and first responders in Colorado. Please check them out! It means a lot to us here at Nikki Jo Jewelry.